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Studio equipment / permanent equipment

Two high quality units

Gurandopi Ano

We have two units, the YAMAHA G5 with a warm tone and the YAMAHA CX3 with a gorgeous sound.

It is ideal not only for individual practice, but also as a practice place for two-unit four-handed and two-unit eight-handed.

Studio Rubato ピアノ.jpg

By installing a surveillance camera

Security measures ◎


SECOM surveillance cameras are installed both inside and outside the studio so that users can spend their time in the studio with peace of mind.

A reassuring 24-hour security system.


Abundant composition and recording equipment


Music software and recording equipment can be used freely, so it is the best environment for those who want to record and compose.

* Details of studio equipment

Studio audio equipment (speaker, stand microphone, pop guard, recording equipment, PC, keyboard for composition), music software (CUE BASE / RX7)


Studio private parking space available ◎


Up to 6 cars are available next to the studio for free.

Even when multiple people use it for an ensemble, please feel free to come by car.

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